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wholesale Cross Board Display
Item Name.:Trainangle Fruits&Vegetables Display Counter
Item No.:FLD-CX1300
Panel Size:1210 x 930mm
Material:Body: Painted Steel
Cross Board: ABS
Load-Bearing:120 KG
Application:Stores, Supermarkets, Shopping Mall,Fruits Shop,Vegetables Shop,Retailer,etc
Features and benefits of Trainangle F & V Display Counter
1.Trainangle F & V display counter through the unique way of large angle sloping improves the health of agricultural products,though different accessories,such base pads,dividres,different boards,ect,to form different configuration,to meet the demand of different displays.
2.Panel board :can match a variety of POP products,show different signs and different angles(25°,75°)to clients.
3.The shelf below has four wheels with locking castor.It is easy to move with the goods to any place,Move to a suitable place to fix the wheels ,then the whole shelf is locked,can't to be move.

Welcome To Contact Us
Hangzhou Fulinde Display Manufacturer
Add:No.17 Xingfa Road,Xingqiao Street,Yuhang,Hangzhou,Zhejiang
E-mail:christineho@fuldpop.com.cnwholesale Cross Board Display
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