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Black Aluminum Oxide factory
Located in Luoyang, Yannuo as a direct producer and trader, mainly focuses on researching, developing, producing and supplying of corundum abrasives for more that 20 years. We have advanced technology, abundant experience and professional teams in smelting, sieving and producing. Now we are equipped with 3 smelting machine, 5 deep processing lines and 150 employees. Our own chemical and physical index analysis laboratory test ensure our products to meet clients international standard and customized request. Main products include Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, black fused alumina, Silicon Carbide and Calcined Corundum for industries in coated & bonded abrasives, refractory foundries, polishing and sandblasting and many more. We are available to produce according China GB, America ANSI, Japan JIS, Europe FEPA and International ISO standard. The grain we supply usually with stable chemical content, fine particle distribution, high purity, little dust and magnetic contents. We mainly export to more than 10 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, US, Germany, Russia and Taiwan etc. Our annual output has reached over 40,000 tons. Since our company established, we have our sales rapidly increased in the products of corundum and refractory material. With the expanding of new markets, our company meets more developing opportunities. Currently, we have cooperated with many clients in the industries of textile, electron, clothing and machinery which have made high praise to us.
Yannuo Culture
Attention is our value
Inquiry to find out the potential value
Cooperation will be the foundation of our mutual benefit
Insistence is our final target
Based on the principles of sincerity and mutual benefit, we hope to cooperate with more clients at home and abroad.
Company Registration No.: 410329000019194
Registered fund: 2 million RMBBlack Aluminum Oxide factory
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